Our Mission

To facilitate positive change in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Our Vision

To create a world of aware, authentic people who effectively work and live together for the benefit of all.

The Enneagram Connection

Robert Tallon’s The Enneagram Connection: Using the Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence to Transform Personal and Work Relationships is a step-by-step guidebook for creating lasting, productive, and fulfilling relationships. It combines the richness and accuracy of the enneagram, the wisdom and necessity of emotional intelligence, and what Tallon calls the Six Practices—tools that both define the elements of an effective relationship and transform the ways we work and thrive with others.

Awareness to Action

Are you a helper or an achiever? A challenger or a peacemaker? Awareness to Action explores the nine distinct, yet interconnected personality types of Enneagram theory, which uses a nine-pointed figure to illustrate the relationship between an individual’s dominant personality and the other types that comprise the structure.

What people are saying.

“Bob Tallon’s team building and coaching has made a significant change in the way I manage my team. I understand my team members and myself better. I know what motivates people. Awareness to Action International training and coaching is invaluable because it provides a powerful compass that continually steers people in the right direction.”

Ph.D, Senior Director / Kantar Health

“Whether its selling, managing, or being a productive tram player, self-awareness is the key. Bob Tallon’s training programs teach awareness and the ability to break old habits like nobody else.”

Regional Vice President / Achieve Global

“I highly recommend the team building and coaching programs conducted by Bob Tallon. Bob has worked with Mattson Jack at the executive, director and manager level and made a real change in our effectiveness. If you have an opportunity to learn his process, jump at it.”

Senior Vice President / The Mattson Jack Group

Our Approach

We teach people to rewrite their old story, to learn from their mistakes, and to act in informed, innovative ways.
We help improve performance from the inside out. We help clients build the individual self-awareness, focus, and skills that
create a revolution in thinking and performing. Clients see:

Our programs focus on creating significant improvement in the Six Practices:

  • Being aware

  • Establishing trust

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Being accountable

  • Remaining committed

  • Accomplishing goals