“Bob Tallon’s team building and coaching has made a significant change in the way I manage my team. I understand my team members and myself better. I know what motivates people. Awareness to Action International training and coaching is invaluable because it provides a powerful compass that continually steers people in the right direction.”

Richard Wagner, Ph.D, Senior Director, Kantar Health
“Whether its selling, managing, or being a productive tram player, self-awareness is the key. Bob Tallon’s training programs teach awareness and the ability to break old habits like nobody else.”
Don Johnson, Regional Vice President, Achieve Global
“I highly recommend the team building and coaching programs conducted by Bob Tallon. Bob has worked with Mattson Jack at the executive, director and manager level and made a real change in our effectiveness. If you have an opportunity to learn his process, jump at it.”

Ian Hicks, Senior Vice President, The Mattson Jack Group
“By combining emotional intelligence with the nine personality types of the Enneagram, Bob Tallon has created an accurate and useful map to high performance and success. I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from working with him.”

Mary Kate Harkins, Senior Director, HR, Glaxo Smith Kline
“Bringing a large international group of people together to work as a team is not an easy task. However it is something that Bob Tallon accomplished effectively and in a short period of time. The information and insights that Bob presented are still being used and talked about to this day. I highly recommend him and his team”
Stanley Sherman, The Mankind Project

Personal Coaching

“Bob Tallon offers participants powerful tools that work at the deepest level for creating positive change. Instead of struggling to change behavior, Bob shows you how to pay attention to yourself in new ways, to your intentions with others, and to the opportunities and challenges that present themselves. It teaches how to leverage awareness tools, and to promote action that takes people where they want to go. Bob’s programs are a don’t miss opportunity for anyone who wants to foster lasting transformative change.”

Kathy Kramer, Ph.D, Best selling author of Lead Positive, Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking.
“Bob Tallon’s work has made a major, lucid contribution toward understanding human motivation and personality. Do not miss an opportunity to work with him.”
Steve Chandler, Bestselling author of The Story of You, Reinventing Yourself, The Hands-Off Manager, Business Coaching, How to Get Clients, Shift Your Mind: Shift Your World, The 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back, and Fearless.