Awareness to Action Executive Coaching
Awareness to Action Executive Coaching is grounded in the realization that effective performance begins with self-awareness and ends in results-based action. I help people develop a comprehensive understanding of their personality style, how it affects their interactions with others, and how to execute a plan for effective change and growth. My approach to coaching considers three broad areas: personality style, emotional intelligence, and leadership competencies.

Awareness to Action Executive Coaching focuses on maximizing existing strengths and turning weaknesses into new, additional strengths. Each client undergoes an extensive assessment interview with the coach and a 360-degree assessment that includes verbal interviews with key stakeholders and, when appropriate, a written survey to a wider group. This feedback sets the direction of the coaching sessions.

Candidates for Coaching
Candidates for coaching include:

  • Managers, directors, and VP level employees who want expert feedback on their performance
  • High-potential employees who are being prepared for more expansive leadership roles;
  • High-performing employees seeking feedback and insight; and
  • Employees needing guidance on behavioral or performance issues.

The Awareness to Action Process

Executive Coaching follows the three-step process presented in my book, Awareness to Action.

Awareness—We help the client develop the self-awareness that forms the foundation for ongoing development. This awareness is gained in two ways: a 360-degree assessment, and the Enneagram Strategies Process. This helps clients:

  • Understand how their personality style causes specific strengths and weaknesses in a set of 16 emotional competencies, and
  • Recognize personality-related behaviors blocking the achievement of business results.

Authenticity—The client and consultant establish goals and work to identify and resolve conflicting commitments—resistance to change that undermines performance improvement and development. This process involves uncovering and changing ineffective patterns rooted in unconscious attitudes that directly contradict or interfere with the new goals.

Action—The client and consultant develop an action plan for meeting the established performance goals and, in subsequent meetings, monitor

Awareness to Action Executive Coaching focuses on discovering and improving in the one or two critical areas that will have the biggest impact on performance, and establishing the foundation for career-long growth.