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enneagram_book_thumbEnneagram Strategies Profile
Enneagram Strategies Profile (ESP), a 26-page, comprehensive assessment to determine your enneagram type.

Inside Out Coaching Profile
A sample copy of the 12-page Inside Out Coaching Profile Report which is generated from the results of the Enneagram Strategies Profile, and a one hour interview with Bob Tallon.

Introductory InsideOut Coaching Session
An exploratory session to determine whether coaching with Bob Tallon would be right for you. This session is a mutual “get to know you” telephone discussion to explore your needs and how Inside Out Coaching can help meet them.

InsideOut Newsletter
A periodic newsletter sent to your email address that contains articles on the Enneagram, the Three Principles, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, performance excellence, team building, relationship, and other timely and enlightening topics.