Personal Coaching is a supportive, professional relationship in which a coach, through listening, asking questions, teaching, and contributing observations, helps a client develop awareness, consider options, remove obstacles, identify resources, and take action to achieve personal and professional goals. Coaching leads to improvements and positive changes in all aspects of life.

A coach is not a therapist or mentor. Therapists work to help people with emotional or psychological problems. Mentors generally have a high skill level in a specific area and work to share this specific skill with others. Coaches help already healthy people improve their lives and get better results. Coaches work at a deeper and broader level by exploring ineffective habits, practices, and behaviors that hold us back from accomplishing our deepest goals and our heart’s desire.

Coaching Philosophy

  1. My coaching clients are creative, resourceful, emotionally healthy and interested in working to create the best life and career possible.
  2. The best coaching occurs when the coach and the client design the relationship together.
  3. I use a combination of scientifically validated assessments, intuition, and 25 years as a coach, trainer, and teacher, to guide clients to achieve their goals.
  4. Transformation not information. Transformation is about eliminating barriers to effective living, achievement, and happiness—NOT adding more information to your already cluttered database.

Coaching Approach

  • Listening with curiosity
  • Understanding the client’s concerns, strengths and weaknesses, personality issues, and performance challenges
  • Providing feedback
  • Helping identify measurable goals
  • Helping determine specific next steps
  • Helping leverage strengths
  • Hold the client accountable
  • Provide expert advice and guidance
  • Motivate the client to stay focused on success. The enneagram forms the basis of my coaching approach. The enneagram pinpoints, like no other tool, what motivates each of the nine personality types to break through barriers and to establish a new way of living.

My approach to coaching is grounded in 30 years in the personal development area and in the business arena as a management consultant, corporate trainer, and executive coach, combined with over forty years of practicing a wide variety of meditation, inquiry, and personal development tools and processes, including over a decade as a student of A.H. Almaas in the Ridhwan School.

The combination of mindfulness, deep inquiry, acceptance, and the perspective of “not knowing,” form the platform for a profound coaching experience where transformation takes place.