“The Enneagram Connection is the best team-building book I’ve read in a long time. Emotional Intelligence is fundamental is communicating and achieving results together. Bob Tallon has given us a precise guide for how each of the nine enneagram types can improve in EQ and accomplish team goals. This is a great ‘go to” resource for any team.” -–Shawn Kent Hiyashi, CEO of the Professional Development Group, LLC, and author of Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, and Conversations for Change

The Connected Team is a two-day, customized team-building program. It is designed to solve team challenges such as:

  • Creating a high functioning team
  • Resolving conflict and getting back on track
  • Energizing team members and changing directions

The Connected Team enables teams to:

  • Improve communication and cooperation
  • Reduce conflict
  • Increase appreciation for differences in people by exploring the nine personality types found in the workplace
  • Identify and overcome the six major dysfunctions of a team by creating awareness, building trust, mastering conflict, achieving mutual company commitment, embracing accountability, and staying focused on business results.

The Connected Team is based on the Six Practices found in The Enneagram Connection:

  1. Be aware
  2. Build trust
  3. Resolve conflict
  4. Be committed
  5. Be accountable, and
  6. Achieve team goals