Robert Tallon’s The Enneagram Connection: Using the Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence to Transform Personal and Work Relationships is a step-by-step guidebook for creating lasting, productive, and fulfilling relationships. It combines the richness and accuracy of the enneagram, the wisdom and necessity of emotional intelligence, and what Tallon calls the Six Practices—tools that both define the elements of an effective relationship and transform the ways we work and thrive with others.

The Enneagram Connection is the perfect companion to Tallon’s first book, Awareness to Action, which explored how to use the enneagram and emotional intelligence for personal improvement in the workplace. The Enneagram Connection moves from the personal to the interpersonal and demonstrates how easy and effective it is to use the enneagram and emotional intelligence with loved ones, friends, family, boss, peers, and subordinates to build strong relationships and work teams.

Part One provides an overview of the enneagram strategies, explores the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) and describes the most important EQ competencies for relating to others. Tallon further discusses the ways that each personality type can connect through enneagram strategy, enneagram wing, enneagram subtype, and EQ. Part Two introduces the Six Practices and which EQ competencies are crucial to being proficient in each. Two common features in Part Two are called the Wake-Up Call—brief assessments and reflection exercises before each of the Six Practices—and Take Action—suggestions and challenges related to each of the practices.

Part Three focuses on specific ways to connect with each of the personality types, and provides a detailed reference guide that spells out the types’ similarities and differences, and guidance to build rapport and connect with different personality types. This material is written from the perspective of each type in the relationship, and focuses on what gifts and strengths each type can offer the other. Russ Hudson, bestselling co-author of Wisdom of the Enneagram, Personality Types, and Enneagram Transformations writes “The Enneagram Connection goes beyond mere descriptions of the types and uses the enneagram knowledge, backed by current research on emotional intelligence and other psychological frameworks for relationship study, to provide a wealth of tips and insights into creating more fulfilling and dynamic connections with the people in your life.”